Reviver is the world’s first connected license plate. For the first time ever, you can digitally connect to your car anywhere, anytime. With features like: vanity customization, accurate tracking and smart registration renewal – Reviver has changed the way people drive.

Reviver was launching a new product and developing a new category that overcomes initial concerns of state and DMV legality and durability.

Starting with Facebook as a testing ground, we spent small across multiple audiences, leaning into performance. Optimizing each state of the conversion funnel to make sure every part of the user journey was operating efficiently and delivering the lowest possible CPAs. Once results were achieved with in platform, we expanded efforts to Search, Programmatic and YouTube to drive legitimacy, awareness and capture interest. 

Starting with a ‘learn to earn’ method, we tested a range of ad creative, finding key messages that resonated with different audiences. Once the best media placements, audiences and creative were identified, iterations of these top performers were developed to optimize ad spend and scale efficiently. 

To increase conversion rates, we implemented interactive quiz flows on Reviver’s landing page to engage and educate consumers. High-intent engagers were taken further down the funnel to increase purchase consideration in retargeting efforts. 

133% MoM Growth in Sales

76% Decrease in CPA

20% Increase in CTR


The Path to Driving Sales

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