Resilience was born when its founders, U.S. Military Veterans, personally experienced the effects and impact that CBD had on their own mental and physical obstacles. Their focus was sharper, their mental stress was calmed, their fitness stamina was increased, and their bodies felt less pain and inflammation after intense workouts. It was through a shared vision that Resilience created their all-natural, non-psychoactive premium CBD products allowing you to focus on crushing your goals, not on your pain.

In 2018, The Farm Bill Act included a provision that would define industrial hemp as a regular agricultural crop, clarifying the legal status of extracts (including CBD) and allowing hemp growers to buy federally-subsidized crop insurance. In short, it would remove industrial hemp from the Controlled Substances list and legalize CBD.

Resilience was looking for a media planning, buying and reporting partner that will help drive CBD education, brand awareness and conversion as soon as the Farm Bill Act is passed.

Our focus was twofold: 1) drive sales and new customer acquisition and 2) establish general brand awareness for Resilience as the premier CBD recovery agent amongst everyday athletes.

Rather than starting large and broad, we wanted to work from the core outward. We begin by leveraging owned channels, organic social, and PR to establish the brand foundation. Then launch low-funnel paid media to test audiences, build the retargeting pool, and drive initial conversions. By expanding support through adding mid-funnel and upper-funnel channels we increased incremental reach, awareness and we able to grow Resilience’s community.

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