For the eighth and final chapter in the Saw film franchise released in October of 2017, Jigsaw, we were asked by Lionsgate to maximize ticket sales at a minimal media cost.

Utilizing data science and media analytics, we found our core audiences by testing initial trailers and mining for responses. Our creative team then applied this knowledge to develop multiple pieces of content with specific messaging, and Jigsaw went on to murder the competition as the #1 movie at the box office its opening weekend.

Applying our Data Science knowledge, we tailored content for our Thriller audience that teased a compelling mystery, leaving questions to be answered and clues to be found. By contrast, our Horror audience was given more gruesome visuals that stimulated their love of gore.

We succeeded in the delivery of engaging creative to the correct audiences,
resulting in lifts among multiple KPIs.

58% Higher PSR
17% Higher CTR
186% Engagement


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