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Our data consultancy solutions aim to empower marketers to put data at the heart of every decision. Digital transformation services help enterprise clients evolve their tech stacks and data flows to prepare for the road ahead. Meanwhile marketing science services assist agencies and brands by combining cross-channel media insights with organic analytics, polling surveys, and first-party data in order to better optimize their marketing strategies.


According to Forrester, the majority of marketers — eighty-eight percent to be exact — agree that their data flows have doubled in size since 2018. However, only nineteen percent of those same marketers are confident that their data is being effectively captured and leveraged.

Operam’s Data Practice is dedicated to helping marketers overcome their data challenges, combining proprietary technologies with customized managed services. From small brands and agencies to enterprise clients, we help power smarter, better campaigns with transformative data and insights solutions.


Data Consultancy

Vendor Assessment – We help you choose the vendors that are right for your business needs.

Frameworks – Measurement, analytics, and decisions frameworks are the backbone of data-backed marketing. Let’s work together to design the best framework for you.

Training – Unsure where to get started when it comes to managing and looking at your data? We offer a variety of training solutions.

Best practices – We have all of the data to back common best practices, taking the guesswork out of your marketing.

Applied Analytics

Synthesis – Gaining a holistic view of all of your marketing data is often hard, though it doesn’t have to be. We are here to help.

Historical Audits – Understanding how your marketing has performed, and improvement areas, is a key step for your future marketing efforts.

DS Modeling – Need a custom algorithm or attribution model? We have you covered with an array of bespoke machine-learning solutions and custom modeling capabilities.

Research – Finding the right audiences, strategies, or solutions is sometimes difficult. We are here to help with proprietary survey panel technology and experimental frameworks to provide brand focus, market lift, and creative test studies.

Digital Transformation

Warehousing – Data often lives in a variety of places. We can help you set up a data warehouse if you don’t have one, empowering you with centralized home for all of your data.

Connectors – Marketing data comes from many sources including: CRM, Digital Media, and Offline Data. We help you put the pieces together with ETL vendor assessment and stand-up assistance, so your pipelines can begin filling your warehouse with insight.

Business Intelligence – We help you highlight irregularities and opportunities to make faster, better decisions.

Compliance – Our team ensures all of your data standards are compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and more.

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