Data Insights Team

Combine cross-channel media insights with organic analytics, polling surveys, and first-party data in order to better optimize your marketing strategy. We help you to better know your customers, size up your competition and elevate your campaigns.

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Applied Analytics

Every insight is an opportunity to optimize, and each missed insight a waste. Our applied analytics capabilities empower you to minimize waste and maximize value, armed with a diverse toolkit of proprietary data science models. Get to the bottom of your data with custom deep dives, cross-channel audits, and more.

Precept Research

Put your customers on speed dial with our connected D2C and B2C market measurement technology. Using in-house survey infrastructure, we can deliver tailor-made questionnaires to your customer segments, with solutions ranging from creative testing to lift tests to market landscape analyses. Leverage our proprietary general market panel, or build your own focus group community using first-party data.

Social Intelligence

Keep your ear to the ground with a diverse set of organic analytics solutions, spanning from online conversation analysis to social persona generation. Understand how your audience is engaging with content outside of the paid environment, tracking organic reach, sentiment, topic models, and more. Whether it’s to inform planning or measure performance post-buy, our social intelligence helps you take the market’s pulse.

Data Science Consultancy

Unlock your data’s full value using our advanced data science capabilities. Receive white-glove data engineering services for help structuring and scaling your native stack, or get custom-built data science models, trained algorithms, and slim tech tools. Maximize your company’s Return on Analytics with Operam.

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