Employee Spotlight: Tyler Harman


Why don’t you tell me a bit about your background and what brought you to marketing/Operam?

I grew up in the restaurant business, learning sales and maximizing revenue and being exposed to entrepreneurship at an early age. Eventually I joined the Airforce and flew on a spy plane that followed Air Force One. After that, I sold mortgages, got really good at numbers, and learned that people don’t listen to anything you say. From there I sold real estate and learned the hard way that there is absolutely no demand for a real estate agent, so I read every book I could on sales and marketing to get an edge on the competition. I got so good at it, that I ended up here!

As a part of our Growth Strategy Team, what does that mean exactly? How do you work with/help our clients?

The biggest thing is we don’t just spend your money. The job is to either maximize revenue, grow your users, increase your LTV, or whatever numbers you are trying to hit. One thing we hold near and dear to our hearts is what they call “pirate metrics”… Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, and Revenue… or AARRR! This approach allows us to look at a business holistically instead of just the top of funnel metrics most marketers are concerned with.

Also, we don’t just look to bring in new customers for our clients; we look at things like: Are the customers we’re bringing in valuable? How do we get them to share the brand with their friends? What it boils down to is helping them build a business and coaching them on what they should do and what to test next.

The way I try to look at growth marketing is pretty basic: Growth = LTV/CPA. You could acquire customers for a nice low price and have a healthy CPA, but if they’re not at least worth the price you paid to get them, you’re dead meat. So, you have to approach this from both sides, 1) What can we do to lower CPA, and 2) What can we do to increase LTV? The larger the gap between the two, the more you grow as a company.

What is the most important lesson about marketing you have learned?

To not get too full of myself, go too fast, and think I know everything. It’s like when you’re playing pool, and you hit two shots in a row, and going for the third shot… you don’t line it up because now you think you’re this big shot, and you miss horribly! Now I know, slow down, and begin at the beginning every time.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve experienced in your career?

Coolest, but also scariest: Flying in our surveillance jet following Air Force One into South Korea, all the while, being tracked by North Korean surface-to-air missile radar sites. They just have to push one button, and we all meet the almighty.

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