Employee Spotlight: Dez Safavi


So, why Operam?

What was so exciting to me about Operam was coming in it was clear they actually had a commitment and a proven track record when it comes to data driven marketing. It is something that can easily be just a buzzword, so seeing the creation of Panoramic and talking to the team about their approach and understanding made me want to be apart of all of that. 

What does Operam do that is unique to us?

I would say the culture has been a great experience. The people are all really kind, nice, driven people and there is a balance of fun and professional that everyone brings to the office each day. Plus it is pet friendly!

With the new year upon us, what excites you most moving forward?

As we continue to expand our offerings and move into new industries it’s exciting to get to partner with companies and brands we are interested in and believe in. You build such a strong relationship with the people you are working with so to be apart of helping them grow and reach different goals is really special. 

What’s the coolest thing you’ve experienced in your career?

I touched on this a bit above but getting to meet new brands and people and learn more about their story, how they got started, what drives them and their unique approaches is an incredible thing to get to do every day. 

What is something you want the people to know about you?

I am obsessed with my dog Enzo!

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