AppNexus Case Study


We were looking for a way to scale viewability optimization to rival search and social, without sacrificing precision or the ability to track against other campaign KPIs. 


In our quest for accountability and transparency, we have been an early adopter of viewability targeting techniques like viewability threshold targeting. With AppNexus’ new Guaranteed Views buying option, we were able to kick viewability up a notch, ensuring buyers will never pay for a non-viewable programmatic ad. 

It allows buyers to: 

  1. Increase reach by targeting the entire open internet 
  2. Improve performance by ensuring every campaign dollar goes toward a viewable impression 
  3. Achieve maximum efficiency since buyers can spend time and resources optimizing campaigns to KPIs their client cares about, with viewability as a given


In comparing these two similar campaigns, we found that the Guaranteed Views line item performed better than the legacy line item by 37% in terms of vCPM, and 48% in terms of CPC. As a result, we actively incorporated Guaranteed Views into all of our campaigns, hoping to make it the gold standard for our advertisers.


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